Remodeling a bathroom is an occasional necessity. If you’re getting a home ready to put on the market and show to prospective buyers, you want it to look its best. Even if you’re not going on the market, you can have many reasons for doing a bathroom remodel. They could include changing up your home after kids leave, redoing a room when any new fixture is put into place, doing spring improvements, or just updating a room because you want something fresh.

It’s also quite possible that you want to do a bathroom remodel just because you need more storage in the room in question. If that’s the case, keep reading to learn 10 ideas you can use for additional storage in your bathroom remodeling:

1) Lazy Susans: These rotating storage platforms can give you an easy way to use the storage space in the back of a cabinet.

2) Raise The Sink: A basin-style sink elevates from the counter, so the pipe below it might not need so much clearance, giving you more storage space underneath.

3) Mirrored Cabinets: Your bathroom needs a mirror, but putting a cabinet behind it can provide extra space for toiletries.

4) In-Wall Cabinets: If your architecture permits, you might be able to cut into the wall and mount a cabinet recessed into the wall, giving you depth.

5) Shelving Above The Toilet: Wall-hanging or mounted shelves above the toilet tank can be a good place to store things that need to be accessible but aren’t touched daily.

6) Hang A Shower Caddy: Hanging a caddy from the showerhead itself can give you a handy storage spot.

7) Corner Caddies: Most bathtubs have at least two vertical corners you aren’t going to bang into while bathing. These are great spots for shelves for shampoo, soap, and conditioner.

8) Get Rid Of The Tub: This is an extreme option, but swapping out a tub for a walk-in shower sometimes frees up space for a linen closet.

9) Get Rid Of Anything Extraneous: The tub isn’t the only thing you can get rid of, and probably not what you want to get rid of. In fact, you might be facing storage and space issues because you’re putting in a larger tub. Is there anything else that could be removed to another part of the home? A laundry hamper? Are your washer and dryer in there?

10) Move The Toilet Paper: Of course, you want the toilet paper dispenser close to your toilet, but could relocating it to another spot open up a few inches that could be used as storage? For instance, moving the dispenser from the side of the vanity to a spot on the wall could free up space for a towel rack that frees up space on the wall above the toilet.

Some of these 10 ideas are a trip to the home improvement store and a quick DIY project, whereas others require budgeting, planning, and consultations with multiple contractors or service providers before choosing the professional that handles it for you.