Are you planning on remodeling the kid’s bathroom in your home? If you’re redecorating a bathroom that is primarily used by children, you won’t want to stick to traditional design principles. Instead, you’ll want to give these kid-centric design tips a try.

Use Bright Colors

If you want to create a bathroom that feels like it was designed for a child, you should try to avoid neutral colors. Instead, opt for bright colors that stand out. You don’t want a basic, boring-looking bathroom. You want a bathroom that accurately captures the fun-loving spirit of a young kid.

Start looking at bathroom tile that comes in bright colors. Consider a bold color for your bathroom counter. Look at primary colors and jewel tones. Don’t try to avoid color when you are decorating a kid’s bathroom. If you embrace color, you’ll be able to create a fantastic-looking bathroom.

Choose A Theme

You can inject a lot of personality into a bathroom if you pick the right theme. Whether you pick an underwater theme or a Star Wars theme, a theme can bring a kid’s bathroom together.

When you choose a theme for the bathroom, you should specifically think about what your child is interested in. Try to make the bathroom into an inviting place for them. Take full advantage of this bathroom remodel and morph your bathroom into a room that your child will love!

Add Wall Art

If you’re going to be repainting the bathroom during the remodel process, you may want to take things one step further. Consider adding wall art to one of the walls in the bathroom.

If you’re an artist, you can use the bathroom wall as a canvas. Create a beautiful work of art that people will be able to see every time they enter the bathroom.

If you don’t have artistic skills, use stencils to create a simple and appealing design. Even if you aren’t a talented artist, you should be able to create original art for your bathroom walls.

Hang Friendly Reminders

When children are young, they are still trying to grasp basic hygiene skills. You can help your child to master some of these important skills by hanging friendly reminders on the bathroom walls. For example, you could hang signs reminding your child to brush their teeth, or that they need to wash their hands after using the bathroom.

However, you shouldn’t just print up reminders and attach them to your walls. Instead, you should try to make these signs a natural part of your bathroom’s decor. Use an attractive font for your reminders, and frame the picture when you are done. These helpful reminders will look like works of art!

Decorating a kid’s bathroom can be difficult. You can’t just create a bland design; you need to come up with something that suits your child or children. Put a lot of thought into the look and feel of the bathroom. Work to create a bathroom that will be able to grow with your child.