Shelves are to the bathroom what the frame is to a picture, and the way you store and stow your bathroom essentials will add or detract to the overall functionality and appeal of your bathroom. When it comes to getting the most from your shelf and storage space in the bathroom, here are a few places to begin looking.

The Shower Stall — In your shower stall you can add a shower caddy to hold all the essentials for a proper bath. This may work to a certain degree, but you can take better advantage of space by considering an attractive wall niche along with your new tiling job. This can be a great way to display an attractive mosaic or accent point. Furthermore, bespoke containers can make the storage of bath lotions and shampoos more attractive and less space consuming.

Wall Cabinets — Take advantage of minimal floor space in smaller bathrooms with these high wall cabinets. These can be found in yard sales or made by the DIY professional. Be sure the paint job and finish match the tones and style of the bathroom.

Creative Medicine Cabinets — these can be placed away from the sink, especially if you have a large vanity with sprawling mirrors. The recessed wall will allow the homeowner to display the content behind a clear glass door with interior lighting as well. The design is perfected with the application of matching wallpapers or complementary designs.

Under Sink Storage — this spot has some notoriety as the dingy place where toxic chemicals live alongside rusty pipe work. But with a shiny chrome finish — or better yet beautiful polished copper piping — and a small in-cabinet lighting option, this can be transformed. Specially tiered cabinets and contents in attractive containers perfect the look. This is another place where a glass display door adds clarity to the design and allows the impeccable homeowner to show the style and flare for mundane aspects of home design as well.

The Vanity — opulence and sophistication are best captured with a large and impressive vanity. This can be a very expensive project or an example of innovation and ingenuity. Repurposed kitchen cabinets have the size and capacity to become a master vanity. Cherry cabinets or a dark-chocolate finish adds warmth to the cold tiles if your cabinets feature that quartz countertop the lighting is something special.

Clarity and Convenience — If you have an especially small bathroom, you may think the fragility of glass is a poor option. Nevertheless, glass shelves are not only very attractive but they can be sidled up to mirrors and bespoke lighting for special effects and ease when locating small bottles and products on display. Glass shelves can be made cheaply and in many dedicated designs at the request of the homeowner.

In closing — the shelves of your bathroom can greatly contribute to the comfort and space economy of the entire home. If you are looking for the best way to improve the function and aesthetics of your home consider beginning with some of these practical shelving ideas.