Cabinetry happens to be an important element when it comes to bathrooms, which means it is essential that you make the right decision for your bathroom remodel. Here are a few tips to use when you search for a style, design, color and quality to match up to your bathroom.

Conduct Your Own Research

One of the first steps for bathroom cabinets is to know how to use this space wisely. You can use an Internet search or browse through magazines of books from your local bookstore to get a few ideas. This will help you to find out what designs you like and then narrow down the choices on what you would like to accomplish. Visiting a showroom, especially the interactive types where you are able to look behind doors and pull out the drawers is a good way to get started.

Decide On A Budget

Unlike kitchen remodels, cabinets are usually not the more expensive aspect involved in bathroom remodels. However, new bathroom cabinets usually cost from a couple of 100 dollars up to the thousands. Purchasing an unfinished cabinet and installing and then finishing these on your own can save you a lot of money, but it could also be backbreaking and painstaking work. When you choose to shop online, you can also take advantage of better deals. To ensure you get the most out of your spend, you need to have an idea on how to use your bathroom space wisely, so you can avoid overbuying.


There are a variety of styles when it comes to bathroom cabinets. They are classified into 3 distinct categories:

• The Stand-Alone Vanity

These cabinets contain a countertop and the sink.

• Bathroom Cabinetry

This group consists of built-in hampers, linen storage, over-the-toilet units and more.

• Bathroom Cabinet Suites

These cabinets are designs that match up to the fixtures and any other types of design features in your bathroom.

Regardless of the category that you decide on, there are countless designs to choose from. Some bathroom cabinet style ideas include shabby chic, contemporary or classic, mission or modern, European or eclectic, glazed or glass.

Take care that you avoid letting the appearance of your bathroom cabinets distract you when it comes to the goal of storing away your things. Fortunately, the cabinets on the market today offer fantastic organization solutions. You can find cabinets that offer cosmetic trays, built-in drawer dividers along with appliance garages which are able to hide but still store everyday items such as hair dryers, electric shavers and more.


One of the popular trends that many people are now following with bathroom remodeling, is lighting in their cabinets. Today you can find cabinets that feature light rails of other types of built-in illumination. Another popular trend includes cabinetry that offers a furniture appeal. This includes small pieces with additional features such as raised panels or bun feet and preferred materials such as walnut and dark cherry. The increase in this particular trend is that people are choosing to transform their bathrooms into a retreat that they can relax in.