A well-thought of and planned bathroom remodeling project can bring out the best in a bathroom. Even the smallest or guest bathrooms need some decent upgrades and fixtures such as vanity tops, towel bars, cool sinks, a fresh lick of paint, a bathtub, and some cabinetry if need be. Working on a small bathroom can, however, be challenging in that, most stock bathroom cabinets and tubs come at a predetermined size. You therefore may have to shop around for reasonably sized ones, or order custom ones. With just the right budget, you can definitely outdo yourself with a guest bathroom remodeling project. Outlined below are a few tips, tricks, and ideas on how to make the best out of the project.

1. Lighting
This is one of the most overlooked, yet crucial parts of a bathroom remodeling project. The bathroom, however small or big it is, should be well lit to help improve its functionality. Tapping into the natural light (from windows and mirrors), as well as light bulbs should add some aesthetic appeal and practicality to the same. For the best results, consider investing in several energy saving bulbs or even daylight LEDs to help illuminate the room well and reduce energy costs.

2. Cabinetry and sinks
Bathroom cabinets, shelves, and sinks are vital for every bathroom. For maximum space savings, consider investing in under-sink cabinets and some shelves over it. You could also have the sink installed at one end (preferably corner) of the room to save some space. The plumbing may also need to be worked on as well.

3. Bathtub, faucets and other fixtures
If your budget allows it, consider investing in the best tub, faucets and other accessories you can afford. It would also be advisable to invest in faucets that complement the color and theme of the bathroom. Stainless steel towel bar and faucets are recommended for durability and practicality.

4. Flooring
The floor too needs to be planned out well. Although this may depend on your choice floor, it’s advisable to ensure it is waterproof and won’t degrade a few days or months after installing it. Waxed wood floor or even concrete floor is recommended to help reduce moisture levels within the same.

5. Consider integrated sinks
An integrated sink is meant to produce a seamless and minimalistic look in the bathroom. In addition to this, they are easy to clean, prevent water spilling over, and are low maintenance. An integrated sink can be coupled as a countertop with an under mount sink as well.

Aside from all this, you will need to give the bathroom a fresh new look. Giving it a fresh lick of paint, upgrading the mirrors, and the toilet can bring out another aspect of the bathroom. As mentioned earlier, proper planning and budgeting are needed to make all this possible. While you can still do this yourself, working with a certified contractor, or interior designer can help bring out more professional look and feel. Working with an accredited contractor also means reduced risk of messing everything up, and better results at the end of it all.