Walkin showers are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners – both for spacious bathrooms, and for smaller rooms where every inch matters.

A walkin shower is a great option for providing a comfortable and welcoming shower environment, and it has an extra benefit too. You can use the shower area to create an ‘extra wall’, for mounting a vanity or a basin. Compared to adding a shower to a tub, which always ends up feeling like a tacked-on solution, a walkin shower is a great and versatile option.

Typically, walk-in showers do have a lip around the outer edge, but many people who live in smaller properties are opting for a completely flat design instead, because this gives them the chance to save a few inches of floor space while still having a decently sized cubicle.

A walkin shower would typically have a glass door that opens outwards (for safety reasons – if the door opens inwards, then if someone takes ill while in the shower and collapses, it is harder for people to get in to offer assistance), and the door can be the entire size of the shower, or a partial door with a ‘knee wall’ to allow for extra mounting, storage, etc.

If you opt for a flat shower with no lip, then the entire floor will need tiled, and you should make sure that there is a slight curve to the floor where the shower is, to allow for proper drainage. Make sure that the tiling covers the walls as well, and that it is completely sealed. Wet rooms, where the entire ‘room’ is a shower, are becoming popular too, but there can be problems with these if the floor is not properly sealed and tiled, with good drainage. If you are thinking of investing in this sort of design, make sure that you get the room properly sealed, because it is easy to do a lot of damage to your walls, electrical wiring and other parts of your structure if the shower is not sealed and it leaks.

To make your bathroom feel even bigger, consider combining your walkin shower with a large, mirrored wall cabinet on the opposite wall. This will give you the illusion of space, and will help to provide you with a stylish and efficient setup. The “mirrors as a space maker” optical illusion is a popular and common interior design trick that is used in stores, restaurants and hotel rooms, so why not try it at home? If you use a mirrored storage cabinet then you get the double benefit of having a nice efficient place to keep your soaps, medicines and sanitary products, so that the bathroom does not feel cramped or cluttered.

Your walkin shower will still need a soap dish, somewhere to hold shampoo, towels, and other little accessories. You can use door-mounted hangars, or have shelves on the shower controls. Browse some interior design photos for inspiration, and pick your favorite designs.