Narrow bathrooms present unique design challenges that take a little bit of creativity and clever thinking to overcome. With careful planning, however, you can make even the skinniest room feel much wider than it really is. Try using these bathroom remodeling tips to transform a narrow space into an inviting bathroom that you can be proud of:

1. Use reflections to create the illusion of space. You can make the room look wider by placing mirrors opposite one another on the longer walls of the space. The parts of the room that are reflected in the mirrors can help create the appearance of additional space on either side of the room, making it seem wider than it really is.

2. Bring in a lot of natural light. Skylights and windows allow natural light into the room, making it feel brighter and more open. Because privacy is important in the bathroom, you can always opt for semi-translucent glass or for half-shutters or blinds. The important thing is to add as much light from the outdoors to the room as possible to create the feeling of additional space.

3. Avoid dark colors. Dark paint colors can make a room feel smaller and more confining. Narrow bathrooms already have a tendency to feel a bit cave-like. To keep the space from feeling too closed in, consider choosing light colors instead. White, pale yellow, beige, light gray, and other pale shades are a good choice since they can help the room feel light and airy.

4. Opt for a glass shower enclosure. If you are putting a shower in your bathroom, consider adding a transparent glass enclosure. Opting for an enclosure that you can see through rather than one that is solid can help create the illusion of additional space. Instead of allowing the shower enclosure to block the view, glass walls allow you to see right through it.

5. Make the ceiling a focal point. One way to keep people from noticing that your bathroom is narrow is by drawing their attention elsewhere. Adding unique touches to the ceiling of your bathroom is a great way to do just that. For an easy option, consider painting the ceiling and eye-catching color. If you prefer something a little bit more elaborate, you can also tile the ceiling using unique patterned tiles or traditional punched tin ceiling tiles.

6. Consider placing the tub or shower at the far end of the bathroom. If your bathroom vanity and your shower are both located on the long walls of a narrow bathroom, it can make it feel even longer and more narrow by creating a skinny space that looks like it goes on forever. You can break it up a bit by putting the shower or bathtub at the far end of the bathroom along the short wall. This will stop the eye a little bit further in, making the space seem shorter and less narrow.

Using these bathroom remodeling tips for narrow bathrooms, you should be able to transform a narrow space into a bathroom that you love.