When it comes to redesigning your bathroom, perhaps one of the hardest things to do anything with is the toilet. There are only a few different toilet designs out there – unless you’re looking for something really outlandish, such as a toilet where the cistern is a beer barrel! Figuring out how to differentiate your toilet from others can be tricky, and to an extent, do you really want to?

One area where people really do struggle is that of the period bathroom. Yes, it’s nice to have a true period look, with porcelain fixtures and genuine, original pices from whatever era it is that you were looking to replicate. But, you can’t always have a true period room. This is particularly true with plumbing – because a lot of the oldr, historic items either contained lead (which means that they simply are not suitable for use in a modern household) or they don’t fit with modern design because they are not efficient enough, waste water, or are generally unsafe. Instead of using truly historic designs, you might have to compromise and use something that is more modern, but that looks the same. Safety, health and environmentally friendly design matters.

When you are preparing to remodel your bathroom, think about the restrictions that you are working within, and your budget. What are your priorities? Do you need to get the whole thing done without spending much money? Is space at a premium? Do you need something that fits a certain style? Do you have kids and need something child-friendly?

If space is at a premium, consider a toilet where the tank is recessed into the wall, and concealed. This will give you a foot, if not more, extra space in the room. If you care about environmentally friendliness, then there are toilets with water-saving flushers as standard, that could be a great option for you. If you have hygiene as a main concern, then think about a motion-sensing flusher. These have been common in hotels and shopping malls for a long time but are only just becoming popular in homes now that the technology is becoming more affordable.

There are so many different options out there for toilets. If you want a Victorian outhouse style toilet with a hanging flusher, then you can get modern toilets that are very similar to that, but be wary of using the real thing unless you have had it inspected, and know that it meets modern standards. Do not use original pipework, though. Stick to modern, clean, and safe pipes!

Look for a toilet that matches your sink, shower or tubs, and make sure that it is easy to keep clean and well maintained. The last thing you want is something that will stain easily, or chip and get damaged. You need a toilet that you can show to your guests with pride, and that will not take endless hours of scrubbing to keep looking pristine and a pleasure to use.