When it comes to choosing a mirror for your bathroom, you should imagine a mirror that is properly illuminated, placed and sized. It is very easy to overlook the mirror in your bathroom for a remodeling project. However, a great mirror forms a vital component in a variety of rooms, especially when it comes to the bathroom. There are a variety of choices for shapes, styles and sizes to select from, so here is a short guide on how to gain a bit of perspective, to obtain the best bathroom mirror for your project.

• The Mirror Size

When it comes to choosing the right size for a mirror in your bathroom, you need to consider the proportion and the function. To arrive at a balanced visual appeal, you need to compare the size of the mirror so that it matches up to the vanity. In most cases, a vanity mirror will not exceed the width of the vanity.

The more common approach will be to make your mirror the same width as the vanity to ensure they both line up. This is an easy task with the custom-sized mirrors. If the mirror is a different width to the vanity, then the next approach would be to make your mirror around 70 to 80% as wide to the vanity, so that your mirror appears to be slightly smaller, yet not shrunken.

When it comes to the height, a mirror that serves a functional purpose should reach around one foot below or above the eye-line for the people that will use it. However, the higher approach is more favored as it offers additional viewing angles and a space that is more open. You should aim for a minimum of 4 to 7 feet from the floor.

• Multiple Versus Single

If your vanity is wide, especially the type that comes with more than one sink, you can either use multiple mirrors or a single mirror that has enough width that it will service both. If you choose to use a number of tall and skinny mirrors, you give the space in your bathroom a look that is more vertical which emphasizes on the height. This is very effective if your bathroom has high ceilings. You can also choose to use one large mirror that will open-up the space in the way of reflecting the opposite walls. The choice in one or more mirrors ultimately boils down to your own personal preferences.

Using more than one mirror can even work well when your bathroom only features one sink. This is possible by centering the first mirror over the sink, followed by adding the second mirror so that it is symmetrical to the other mirror. This composition can offer a more balanced and pleasing appeal when you compare it to using only one mirror.

• Sconces

If you are using sconces in your bathroom remodeling project, it is best to make use of smaller mirrors. This provides enough space for the sconces to be positioned in between. Vanity lights work best on either side of a mirror as it provides the best light for your face as well as a visual appeal.