As something you will spend many happy moments gazing at intimately, your bathroom tile is a pretty important aspect of your home’s style. To ensure that you get this process right from the start, the following guide to selecting your bathroom tile has you need to know about this precision task.

1. Find a “Must have” Option

When you begin the search find a single tile that stands out to you. Find the tile you would choose if you could only pick one and think about what you really like about this type of tile. This can be a really special pattern or even the way an accent tile plays with the tile around it. Use this tile as your point of reference that will culminate in the best tile choice for your needs.

2. Choose about 3 Secondary Options

With your must-have tile set as your point of origin, begin considering what you really like about this option and how this aspect is represented in other designs. If it is the fascinating colors, consider another option along these lines. If you are impressed a tile accent system, consider other scents that achiever the same effect. You can also consider cross applying the aspects as you feel guided by artistic perspectives.

Consider the project in a few sections. For example, the floor tiles, wall tiles and an accent tile as well as a tile set for the tub. While these parameters represent the conventional design options, feel free to bend and repurpose these rules to suit your needs.

3. Only Use 1 “Show Stopper” in your Bathroom

There will be so many beautiful tiles and designs to choose form and soon you will get the good idea to display a centerpiece that ties the whole bathroom together. Then as you continue you’ll get another idea, another and another. Don’t slather your walls with so much personality you can hardly breathe, consider one “show stopping” tile and avoid competition between attractive elements.

4. Don’t forget the Need for Maintenance.

Unless you are the type who loves getting down and sweaty with your bathroom tiles you will want something that cleans easily and this is where porcelain and ceramic tiles are the best option. Porous tile will invariably fill with soap scum and more and present a real pain in the patella to clean. Another suitable option that has enough wow factor to power a small city is glass tile. Then also consider how slippery these tiles can be and be sure to use traction mats in the shower.

5. Layout and Scale

Finally never forget how much of the final effect can be achieved by the skill of your installation specialists. Tiles can be laid out one at a time in neat rows or in any variety of vertical or diagonal patterns. Furthermore you can take an attractive larger tile pattern and repeat it at a smaller scale for the interior of the bathroom stall. The final effects are truly fabulous.