The surroundings of our homes can quickly become boring if they don’t feature some fancy decor-word to brighten the day and provide personality to our home lives. If you are looking for a good place to begin, consider the bathroom.

Unlike the living room and front entrance, playing around with the decor of the bathroom can be done with flagrant abandon. Without the fear of throwing the entire home decor off kilter. This following article will include some fun and cost effective tips for adding your signature style to the privacy of your bathroom

1. Improve your Shower Singing with Stenciled Lyrics

Your shower curtain can make or break the bathroom. In addition to keeping them fresh and clean, have some fun with spray paint and stencils. Nothing like the lyrics to “Build me UP”by the foundations to set you in the mood for success.

2. Improve the Aesthetics and Functionality with DIY Floor rugs

Cold tile floors provide a raw zapping feeling to the half-asleep individual prowling around in the bathroom at night. The slick shower stall floor can also spill the unwary while they are washing their feet. But both of these issues can be addressed with a little creativity and ingenuity pon the part of the homeowner.

Small pompoms can be quickly and easily crafted from yarn, you may remember this project from grades school. Well, who knew that if your sew about 30 of them together onto an existing floor mat the warm plushy fibers will keep toes warm at night. If you would lie a spa like feel and sturdy foundation, the same idea can be introduced with small attractive pebbles purchased online or selected from your nearest stream. Use a waterproof adhesive to affix each stone to a waterproof (rubber or silicone) mat.

3. Add a Soothing style by Eliminating Brands and Logos

There is nothing as unattractive as the sight of logos and publicity materials in the bathroom. You can add a level of sophistication and calm by taking your bath salts, lotions, shampoos and conditioners out of their mismatching containers and placing them inside containers of your choosing. Mason jars, amber glass and all kinds of attractive receptacles can be found online. When you buy your product empty the containers into your preferred containers. (If you will be using glass with soapy slippery products, be sure they have a sturdy storage spot).

4. Consider the Alternative

You can keep your towels on the rack, your accessories on the counter and your soap in the dish, or you can consider the alternatives. There is always a better way to store things in your personal environment. Towels look nice on a rustic ladder and accessories can the relocated to a stylish corner shelf and there are a million better ways to present the soap dish. Take the time to consider how the same can be accomplished but better. You will find the more convenient option for you may be the first step to a personal décor.