Changing the dimensions of your bathroom may not be a physical possibility, but that doesn’t mean the magic of smart decorating can’t pump up the size of your smaller bathroom. Whether you have a small ½ Bathroom or a really cramped fully operation bathroom with shower and tub, the following clues will allow you to maximize your space and achieve a stylish yet comfortable water closet.

1. Improve your Shower Dimensions with Curved Rods

Looking down you will notice that your smaller bathroom is very taxed on floor space. But, when you look up you can see everything you need. How can you take more advantage of the top side of your small bathroom? Let’s try bending space.

A curved shower curtain rod extends into the free space of the room, without taking up any functional space (unless two people are using the room at the same time that is). But, these curved bars allow plenty more room in the showers for those getting sharp elbows with the shower caddy and other facilities.

2. Minimize Storage Space with Minimalist Features

Smaller objects in the bathroom look cute, dainty and can still be perfectly functional for fully grown NFL Linebackers. Not everything can be shrunk, but somethings can. The shower shelves are usually one size to fit the various containers for conditioners, body wash and shampoos.

But if you have a bespoke rack carrying a set of smaller containers to hold all your bathroom essentials, the dimensions have changed. The same Idea hold true for the way medicine cabinets and sinks are organized. Remember that a “place for everything and everything in its place” is the hallmark maxim for space conscious designs.

3. Consider the Alternative

Shelves, closets and sinks are some of the larger characters in the bathroom and can be swapped in and out to create a cozy or spacious effect. Closets are big and bulky but shelves can cut down on the amount of space being used to store towels and other accessories. A rustic ladder can replace towel hanger as more attractive way to hold wash clothes and such. Finally, pedestal sinks can be found in a great variety of compact designs that free up space and add charm.

4. Patterns and Paints

Small bathrooms can be the definition of charming environments with very little investment. By minding color, tones and patterns, it is quite possible to “open up” the cramped spaces. Consider darker floors and lighter walls taken from the same color tones. Like a rich brown tiling option with some lighter mocha hues for the shower curtain, paint trimmings and furnishings.

For the wall space think of patterns and papers that remind the individual of being lost in the woods or even the corn fields. Long tall stripes and patterns like willows and birches make a bathroom a very attractive place to be.

5. Think Taller

There is little choice for expanding side to side, so think tall. Stack shelves and bathroom caddies three and four tiers high to be sure you can store all that needs to be stored. Keeping your storage options neat and attractive will be a good start.