If you live in a small apartment then it can be tricky to find the perfect bathroom layout, because your bathroom is probably a very small room, and you need to fit a lot in there. Your bathroom is designed to house your toilet, basin, and bath or shower – or, ideally, both. Many apartment bathrooms are so small that they simply can’t accommodated a full-sized bath, but if you’re the sort of person that craves a soak in a tub then you’re going to need to get creative.

There are lots of strategies you can use to save space. Look for half-width sinks, and get a wall-mounted toilet where the toilet cistern is concealed in the wall. You’ll save about a foot of space this way, which will give you more space to move around. Check the catalogues for boat house and caravan companies for smaller bath tubs – there are tubs that are shorter than 5ft in length, and if you want a tub in your apartment that’s the sort of think you’re going to need to look for.

Another option for apartment bathrooms is a pseudo-wet room design. Instead of having a rim around your shower, have a flat shower (this will require slightly angling the floor in the shower to allow for smooth drainage), and use a glass door instead of a shower curtain. This will give the illusion of space, because the glass will fade into the rest of the design, and it will give you more space in the shower as well.

You can make the room feel bigger by fitting a big mirror along the back wall. This is a common and popular optical illusion and it really does work!

The smaller the room is, the more important it is that you keep it clutter free, otherwise you will find that it feels even more cramped. Creative storage solutions are a must, and you’ll want to use every piece of space available – think shelves that go from floor to ceiling, and door hangers too.

Apartment interior design will always take some compromises. You just don’t quite have the space or flexibility that you do in a standard home. You can get a stunning looking bathroom with a spa feel, though. Try to get as many things as possible that will do double duty – use a large wall-mounted medicine cabinet with a sliding door that serves as a mirror. Build your sink into a cabinet so that you have storage that fits around it. If you have a shower, fit your soap holders, dispensers, etc, around that existing piping, rather than having extra areas where things jut out from the wall. Think compact, streamlined and efficient at all times and you’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in to a small space.

Do consider investing in a good extractor fan though – small roooms and the steam of a shower aren’t a good combination!