A bathroom is a significant part of any home and one that is in extensive use and therefore needs to be fully functional in all ways. Any bathroom remodeling must take care of various aspects, besides decoration and appearance. A bathroom is a space that is meant for relaxation and personal time, and any activities carried out there must be done in relative comfort. Here is where the lighting can play an important part that adds to the functionality of a bathroom.

Bathrooms will have restricted areas, and may not be big and airy. They will be well served if one of the walls in the bathrooms allows in natural light, as this is what can be the best. It also gives the bathroom the possibility of ventilation, which is another aspect that can add to the comfort of use of bathrooms. This is not often the case, and then the provision of proper lighting becomes an important part of any bathroom remodeling. The lighting needed in bathrooms has to be more intense than that which is used in the rest of a home. It must be uniform and can be spread over the bathroom or in a single fixture. The proper positioning of mirrors and other reflecting surfaces can add to the lighting levels and thus make it easier to use the bathroom.

Bathroom lighting is essential over mirrors and the fittings used must be those that are watertight and not affected easily by steam or heat. Spotlights are useful and a number of them in a ceiling, can add to the intensity of light and improve the ambiance in a bathroom. Daily tasks like shaving require a proper intensity of light over mirrors, while a bathtub or shower can do with more discreet lights. Bathroom remodeling of lighting must ensure that there are no dark corners, as this can make it depressing. The proper positioning of mirrors can help to improve lighting and give the bathroom a lot of diffused light.

Light in a bathroom must not be very bright so that it hurts the eyes, and its intensity must be controlled. Any lighting fixtures and arrangments must blend in with the decor. A window in a bathroom can be of great help in bringing in natural light, and any additional lights in a bathroom must complement this available source of light. Screens or frosted glass in bathroom lighting can help to diffuse light and give it a softness. It is customary to have lights, especially for certain tasks while the general lighting just adds to the ambiance.

It can help if the remodeling of a bathroom lighting does take into account the energy use, as lights in bathrooms need to be often used at all times of a day and not just at night. The right lights can add character to a bathroom and make its remodeling that much more effective. Care must be taken to see that any installed lights are far away from water and any dampness.