It is important to have adequate storage space in a bathroom for keeping the various toiletries and other linen that is needed in bathrooms. In many cases, these bathroom cabinets are topped with a sink, and this combination is called a bathroom vanity. This arrangement helps to save space and is ideal for small bathrooms. In larger bathrooms, bathroom cabinets can be used for extra storage, and these cabinets will not be classified as vanities.

Bathroom vanities can be streamlined and designed to cover any plumbing and it is not unusual to use vanities from wall to wall thus allowing for a very neat and tidy bathroom, with no exposed pipes. Bathroom cabinets which are part of vanities will not be very deep, as any extra width will affect the usability of the sink mounted on the vanity. The height of vanities will be such that they allow for the easy use of the sinks and space above. Most vanities will have mirrors attached just above them thus making it very easy to use as needed for shaving, makeup and other activities that are often a part of daily ablutions.

Bathroom remodeling will always include the makeover of vanities and any such redesign must take into consideration the size of the bathroom. A small size bathroom is more suited to bathroom vanities that have a lower profile. In such cases, your vanity can be floating or even mounted on the wall, as then the space below the vanity adds to the illusion of space, while you can still use this vacant space for baskets or other containers. The use of a bathroom can help you to decide the type of storage that you need in the vanity. It is not uncommon to have two sinks in large vanities, but extra countertop space has always a higher utility value.

Vanity tops can be of marble, poly-marble, or China and must be of a material that is durable and will sustain the rough use that such countertops are often subject to. The actual design of the storage cabinets can be influenced by the plumbing and the location of pipes, that can often intrude into shelf space and must be catered for. It is important that you be careful of the items that you store on shelves that have pipes intruding, as any leakage can lead to their damage. You must also have a design that permits easy access to any required plumbing work to be carried out, without disturbing the contents of the vanity to a great extent.

A vanity must be positioned in such a way, in any bathroom remodeling so that it is easy to access, and does not impede the doors or movement inside the bathroom. Think of storage requirements, the space that the vanity will occupy. the width, height and finally the style and color of the vanity. You can buy vanities from online stores as long as you make sure that these ready-made units are of the correct size.